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Over time sludge and dirt can build up, almost undetected, within your boilers and radiators. The first signs you see may be when your boiler system starts making odd noises, or your radiators heat unevenly, and are colder towards the bottom. If deposits continue to build, eventually you’ll notice that the radiators don’t get as hot anymore and your boiler may not complete the circuit of supplying hot water throughout the house.

The bad news is that this happens to all central heating systems eventually. The good news is that, in most cases, this will not mean you need a completely new boiler and central heating system. Instead, you just need a powerflush. Tom Davis can do this for you, and give your system a powerflush that will remove the sludge and dirt, improving the energy efficiency of your central heating system, saving you money on bills, and leaving you warmer on cold winter evenings.

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