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Central Heating
and Boiler repairs

Boiler Service

We don’t try to persuade our customers to buy new boilers unless their old boilers are inefficient, or the cost of anticipated repairs mean that a new boiler would be a cost-effective solution for them.

Because of this, and Tom Davis’ status as CORGI/Gas Safe registered gas engineers, we have years of experience in diagnosing problems, identifying solutions and carrying out repairs to all types of boiler. We make sure we get the problem right so that you only pay for what you need to correct it, not for replacements of parts that are in perfect working order.

If your boiler is beyond repair, or if we know that further problems are lurking round the corner, we will tell you, so that you are not paying to prolong the life of it, only to find that you need a new boiler a few months down the line.

For more information or a quote for any work please call 07973 624544
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